Have you ever looked at a great pair of eyeglasses and thought about how much they changed the total look of someone’s face? Eyeglasses are more than just a way to improve your eyesight. They’re also a tool for modulating your facial features. The shape of your glasses exactly matches that of your face, so it makes sense to choose ones that suit you well.

Here are some pointers on what shapes to pick out according to the shape of your face:

Forehead & Eyebrows. If you have a broad forehead, try a pair with a wider frame as this will make the proportions seem better. Similarly, if you have thick eyebrows, going for something simple might be best only because eyeglasses with too much padding or decoration will make them look even thicker.

Lips & Eyelids. Eyeglasses that are wide across the bottom but narrow at the top can help to balance out an oblong face, while more rounded shapes are ideal for long faces.

Chin & Nose. Angular glasses are great on people with triangular or rectangular faces, while oval lenses go best with diamond-shaped ones . Eyeglasses that are wider towards the outer edges of the lens frame will also shorten a longer nose by creating the illusion of being closer together.

Lastly, consider your skin color when trying to pick out new glasses frames for yourself! Try not to bring too much attention to your face because of contrasting colors between your skin tone and the lenses.